Poured MMF

I went on a hunt trying to find a place that says you can use poured MMF on cupcakes and I did not find one. So I altered the Satin ice recipe to try it out. I'm a huge MMF fan. Satin Ice isn't readily available in my area so I needed to know if I could do something else. ready to know how it worked out??

Great! Make the MMF to the standard recipe that you are used to working with. Once it is set up place some in a microwave safe bowl. Add a tsp of water and heat until mostly melted. You want to aviod boiling or burning it. Add small amounts of water at a time. You want a kind of think paste consistancy. Not too runny and not stiff. I know it's called "poured fondant" but for cupcakes I prefer to turn the cupcakes over into the bowl and dip the tops. :) I'm a rebel like that. I feel that it makes a much cleaner edge and it's easier to control. So if you were waiting to try poured MMF, now you know.

On this picture: The line breaks are intentional. The red is buttercreme. I dipped the cupcakes twice to make sure it wasn't see-through at all. Let is dry between dips. You can re-heat the MMF as long as you're careful not to burn it or boil it. :)

The taste was ok. My family seemed to not mind my practicing. hahaha


Patches said...

I like these. nice line work. dipped fondant.....yum!

~nichole~ said...

This is perfect! My dad has always asked me to find cupcakes that aren't full of just icing, so you have to teach me how to do this!!