The Flamingo Cake

My adorable niece is turning 4 today!! She sat me down, very seriously, and described her cake. She asked for a "giant flamingo on a plain green background," It was very important to her that the inside of the cake be pink as well. Of course! What else would it be?

I set out using 2 rectangle 13X9 baking pans. Using my handy favorite steak knife, I cut away the parts that would become my snack cake pile (top of the photo) and left a basic flamingo shape.

With it all lined up on the board, I thought a little of the neck should be cut down. In hindsight, I should have left it longer. Eh, she's gonna love it anyway! She's four. haha

All that was left is to toss some (of course, pink) icing on it and cover it in fondant. The fondant was tricky around the neck but it worked out nice and smooth. In my opinion, with our limited cake tools we did a pretty good job.

It was a fun cake to work on with my girls. We had a good laugh at how much pink cake batter looks like pepto! Haha We are off to the party.

I hope you have a sweet day! ;)

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