Flip In Hair Extensions - DIY results on short hair

Our daughter loved her short haircut when she first got it but now, like most of us, she is annoyed with the growing out stage. She wanted to try something new and fun.

I've been missing my clip in extensions and wigs lately too.

Couture Hair is such a fun accessory!

Speaking of fun, have you guys seen this?!
Halo Couture Hair Extenstions

We loved this idea. The first photo of Aurora there with her mouth open is her watching these videos! She thinks it's the coolest.

Naturally, we set out to Do It Yourself. There are loads of Youtube DIY instruction videos. We watched several and made some adjustments to make it comfy for short haired my teen.

Here's the photo breakdown:

Top -
1. Just get ya some hair.

2. Sew or glue it together. I sewed it because I didn't want to buy glue when sewing it seemed stronger anyway.

3. Sew in your bead elastic, fishing line or whatever you are using for the clear part. We used beading/bracelet elastic because we already had it. Also, the give is comfortable.

4.-5. Then you see my hair length and me with the "flip-in" styled. I need to learn more about styling hair.. back to youtube later!

Right -
1. Kiddo loving how fast, easy and fun "flip in hair extentions" look.

2. We both have hair that is shorter than the recommended length for this kind of extention. That said, I think it looks pretty cool! She wouldn't let me style it or trim it so that it looked more blended yet. She is way too busy playing with it!!

It took me about 40 mins to make both of them. That includes me fussing with the sewing machine and adjusting to fit! Not too shabby.
Since we already had the string and I sewed instead of buying glue, the total cost of this was just the hair we chose. Not bad!!

So, go play with some hair! I gotta learn how to use a curling iron properly now.  ;)

Happy crafting!


A card by my kiddo

My little crafting kiddo always makes cards for guys look easy!

She used Stampin Up to make this card for her cousin. I love how simple and neat it is. Good job, Aurora.

Happy crafting!


A little metal love...

You guys know how I love making chainmaille, right?!

This little creation is a Persian 6-in-1 cross made from aluminum. I find that I cannot weave with steel rings any more. They are just too hard on my hands!

It took me a good long while to really get the hang of this weave. It's a difficult one to get started.

I get all my rings at TheRingLord.com.
They rock and it's always right. You can't beat that! :)

Happy crafting and have a great day!


Another Easy Card

Just another little card that's easy and kiddo friendly. My daughter and I have been working on a lot of thanks and birthday cards lately.

We have been slowly regaining craft supplies since the fire. We have a little tub now! It's not nearly what it was but we have been enjoying making things together again.

This is all Stampin' Up! products. The punch and banner stamps are from the SAB sets. The punch is super cute.

We hope you all have a wonderful day!


Mederma Scar Gel - Quick Review

One night while I was sleeping my cat fell off the headboard onto my face. I was deep asleep, driving 90 to nothing in a dream. It was a shock to my system waking up like that! The cat's nail went through down by my lip, so it was pretty deep in some places. I thought I should give Mederma Advanced Scar Gel a shot.

Here's when it was fresh, after I was using it for a month and the end result. These are makeup free photos so please don't judge too harshly. It was the only way to show accurate progress.

I'm a believer! High five Mederma!