5 fun things I enjoy about having an only child

Like everyone else in the world, from time to time I get annoyed with all the unsolicited “advice” and opinion that people bestow upon me. I have an only child. The horror!! Gasp!! By CHOICE?! Yep.

It’s not for any real reason, so to speak, except that is what I was blessed with. One would think that would be a good enough answer to the big family pushers out there. Now, don’t get me wrong here I think you should have as many kids as you want to raise! I’m all for you doing what is right for you and me doing what it right for me. I’m absolutely positive there are some great things about having lots of kids that I won’t experience. However, I’m having a blast here with my only child and I wanted to share this positive mini-list for those of us who might be just a tad tired of hearing how you simply need to have more children.

5    fun things I enjoy about having an only:

1.      Quiet time is easy to come by and keep peaceful. We can all grab a book and chill out on the couch reading. Maybe this is because I’m extra lucky to have a peaceful child but maybe it’s because there aren’t any other kids to run after. Either way, we are loving it.

2.  Short order cooking. We can all have what we want for the most part just about any time. While dinner is planned, we really don’t have a plan for breakfast and lunch. It’s easy to make a ‘special order’ meal when I only have to do it for one person.

3.  Every day is special “mommy and me” time. There is no competition for my time or attention so anytime she wants it, it’s hers. At any free moment we could be painting each other’s nails, playing a game together or just hanging out. There are the typical distractions like chores and school work of course but the rest of the time is fair game fun time!

4.  Equality is easy. Since there are only 3 of us total, we find that splitting things equally is easy and taking turns really doesn’t take long at all. We can play split screen on most video games too! 

5.  Have a favorite. This is my favorite part!! In my phone and even on some of my photo albums I nicknamed my daughter “Favorite Child.” It’s pretty cool to have a favorite. She gets to be my favorite person in the whole wide world. 

So, next time you think you should tell a mom how sad it is to only have one child, think again!
They might be loving it. What matters is that we all love our children, do our best and try not to mess them up. When it’s all said and done, none of us have all the answers and one size never fits all. Love and be loved ya’ll!


T-shirt to pillow

As you may have noticed, our little crafter is a teenager now. She has been learning to sew. What better project for a newbie than to make a t-shirt pillow?!

Right after the fire she was given this really cute Y'all shirt from a friend of ours. She has since grown out of it.

We made t-shirt yarn out of the bottom for a future project. Making pillows is so easy! Just cut, sew and stuff.

 It's going to be adorable in her pile of stuffed animals and pillows on her bed! It is so much fun watching and guiding her in these craft projects!


Playing with Byzantine Chainmaille

This chain maille lace pattern has been on my make list for a few months now. Finally, the time was upon me! I am making an anklet and bracelet with this weave. 

Happy crafting y'all!


Handmade Christmas

Hey family and friends! Our little crafter, Aurora, has been hard at work making gifts for her family. We wanted to share some of her favorite projects with you.

She is 14 now which is scary but super fun! It was interesting watching her create so much on her own. She found ideas she wanted to copy or use as a starting point. She picked something personal for each one of her cousins.

Starting out on top, she sewed gift bags for each child. Sewing straight lines is pretty easy! :p :)  There are tons of tutorials for basic bags on the net. If you need a starting off point, check this place out.

Next up was painting. Her two favorites of her paintings were the white deer and the Minecraft one.

Another easy craft she thought she could tackle on her own was to make some onsies.

She was blessed with twin cousins this year! That Aunt and Uncle grew up on Mario so it was a natural choice. I cracked up when she asked me to print these. Teen crafters are the best!

We will see you next year! Merry Christmas, from our family to yours. :)


So, we've lost a lot of weight. Here's what we have done so far.

My hot wife, showing off her hard work!
Over the last year and a half we have been doing one little change at a time until we have achieved a total life re-vamp. Doing it all at once wasn't practical for us. Overwhelming leads to quitting. ;)

On an average day 2 years ago I drank an entire 12 pack of Pepsi a day. I never ate breakfast. For lunch, a frozen meal or something from a can heated up in the microwave. The only large meal of the day was dinner. In between, a little candy or chips for snacks. Often after dinner my wife and I would devour half a box of cookies. We lived like this for years. Progressively increasing portion sizes and soda amounts seemingly without noticing until we reached this point.

After the fire, we had no routine. We had no possessions. We had no stability. For some reason, this inspired us to make these more drastic changes to our lives. We needed something positive to come from that turmoil. We took a good hard look at what mattered. We want to live long, full & fun lives. We just couldn't do that morbidly obese. We wanted to be healthy, not just lose weight.

I still can't believe that is me...
Some of our changes so far have included:
- Swapping vegetable oil for coconut oil.
- Removing soda completely from our lives. I feel that this is the most important change we made for our overall health.
- Drinking the proper amount of water (half your weight in ounces).
- Baking instead of frying, just about everything. If it's fried, it is done so in coconut oil.
- Cutting down on breads. I do not need 2 rolls with dinner!! lol
- Cutting back on and removing beef and pork. More chicken and turkey.
- Juicing (fresh fruits and veggies) for breakfast a couple days a week.
- Family walks, at least 30 mins, at least 4 times a week.
- Nightly body weight workout at home. We do this together. If you have a support partner, it helps!

If you are looking for advice on your journey or tips, here are mine:

Reason #125 to lose the weight:
Our arms go around each other now!
1. There are not miracle products. I know that they work for some people, but not most people and it's rare. More rare than they want you to believe. So, be real with yourself and don't be taken in by those companies. It's a money pit and a self esteem pit.

2. Say something nice to yourself EVERY day. Do it. Losing weight is not a cure all for self esteem issues if you have them. They will travel your journey with you if you let them. Accept yourself now. Appreciate yourself as you change.

3. Drink water. Seriously, it's cheap. It's calorie free. It's good for your body. It helps you lose weight. There really is no logical reason not to. Just drink water.

4. If you are going from an extremely poor food choice lifestyle, like we did, don't try to cram it all in at once. There is no deadline. Don't make it "by this day". Make it about your health, one step at a time. Those fad diets don't work because they aren't a lifelong sustainable change. Lifelong change is how you change for good. You can do it. Just don't give up! When you have a bad day, wake up the next morning, dust yourself off and get back on it. One day, one step, one week at a time.

We have been so excited about all the changes we see in ourselves and each other. We hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed day! Thanks for stopping by.