Monster High Party Post - Round 1

My daughter is turning 11!
So I have a huge shock for you. Huge. Are you sitting down? She wanted a Monster High party. Not at all like every other girl her age. LOL
We have already been to 2 this year. It's what most of the girls around here are into. The store decorations are good and all but here's the first post about our added DIY stuffs for her Monster High party.

I used $1 store plastic fangs and left over spray paint, given to me by a friend. 2 coats are needed in my opinion. I made the labels using Word, with a Skullette image I found here. The font I choose is Andalus.

I'm off to try more fun craft ideas for this party. See ya soon with more. :)


gale said...

No big shock! lol. My dd is way into monster high too. I think she has about 40 of those dolls and the darn company keeps coming out with different variations of the same dolls. Geniuses. lol

shera sun said...

How did you get the fangs to "stay" in that position? Mine seem to lay almost flat.