Our Family

The Name
Covered In Crafts started as a joke around here. No matter how neat and organized I always try to be, in every action in the house, I can't seem to craft neatly! I have tried and tried.
If I'm painting then paint will be in my hair and under my eye.
If I'm scrapping then a piece of paper will always find it's way stuck to my back.
No matter the craft, I am covered in it.

When I decided I wanted to start this blog to share my love of making things and visit those who share my passion. I asked my wife for ideas on what I should name it. The very laugh filled response was "Covered In Crafts because that's how you roll!" lol It's true. I am covered in crafts... She gets such a kick out it and it stuck!

 Meet the Covered in Crafters

I am the messy crafter!
Red is my favorite color and cheese is my favorite food. My favorite craft is anything I can get my hands on!

Crafting with humor is what she does. Blue is her favorite color and apples are her favorite food. Her favorite craft is anything with paint! She is recently getting into photography, you know, if you can pry the Xbox controller out of her hand! haha

She's our occasional crafter.
Dark blue is her favorite color and she loves "good food". lol!
Her favorite craft is wood burning.

That's our family. We are happy you stopped by.