Ribbon Snaps: Bracelets, Pacifier Clips and more...

I have a ton of ribbon. I use it for making bows, clips for my daughter's hair, my scrapbook and just about anything else. I have tried different ways to mak ribbon closures and this is the easiest way. So I'm going to share it with you. If you scrapbook you probaby have everything you need already except these:
You don't need a special tool to set these. This little package comes with a plastic tool that does the job well. So what else do you need?
1. These are the snaps and the tool they come with.
2. Scissors. Those are my new Honey Bees!
3. Hammer
4. Self healing mat, or do this on a table you don't care about.
5. Ribbon or fabric
Lets get started.
Step 1. Cut your ribbon to length. Use a lighter to "burn" the edges. That keeps the ribbon from fraying.
Step 2.  Use the instructions that came with your snaps to attach the snap. I like to fold the ribbon over and putt he snap through 2 layers of the ribbon.
Step 3. Do the other end of the ribbon with the snap's opposite end.
Now you have a bracelet! You could make purse with changeable straps, or any other fun ribbon project.  
I like to make pacifier clips. Want me to show you those??
The clips are just badge clips that you can get in any office supply store (or Walmart's office section). I used standard eyelets to attach the ribbon to the badge clip by putting the ribbon through the hole in the clip and folding it over. Once you punch your hole, I suggest holding a lighter flame close to the holes you punched. It makes the frays melt and makes the hole stronger. Then just set your eyelet and you're done. : )
What do you think? If you have ideas on what else us crafters can do with ribbon and snaps please share! I love trying new projects and my daughter loves helping make anything with ribbon. She's a ribbon lover. Like mother, like daughter.


Denise said...

Hey, I love this idea! I have tons, and I mean tons, of ribbon!!

Don't you love those scissors?


~♥Sonya said...

What a creative idea! I too have tons of ribbon. I am following your lovely blog. :)

TannyP said...

That's such a great idea!

I'm a ribbon hoarder - but not by choice.....if that makes any sense. I just never find a color that matches what I'm doing and I'm a matchy matcheroo =)
Great blog!

Julie said...

WHat a great idea!!! my sister was just complaining today about her daughters velcro on her binki clip coming undone when wet this would solve that problem. thanks for sharing!!!

Cheryl Walker said...

cute ideas :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Marissa said...

This is great!! I have a fair bit of ribbon... I am going to give this a go

Loretta Rodger said...

What a terrific idea. Thanks for sharing the instructions!

Taryn said...

You are so great! I love this idea.
I saw that you were featured on Today's Creative Blog, and I wanted to come by and say I LOVE YOUR WORK and congrats!
I am proud to be one of your newest followers!



Anonymous said...

I'm leaving you a comment to let you know I'm putting a little mention of you in my blog (I hope thats okay!) I just found your blog through Today's Creative Blog and I just love it! :) Hope you have a wonderful week!

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