Aurora is a Witch!

So... this is the first year that my little girl has asked to be anything that wasn't a fairy or a princess (or a fairy princess) lol! She wanted to be a witch. She saw a tutu on Etsy that she really liked and we knewn we could make. So we set out to make her Halloween costume. Grand total for everything she wanted: $7. Can you believe that??
She is wearing black pants and a black shirt she had already. The tulle is from Joann's (with a coupon). I hot glued a spider to an orange ribbon bracelet and tack stitched another spider to her hat.
Obviously there is no makeup on her in this picture, not that I plan on putting much on her other than lipstick, and she is squinting from the sun. It literally takes about 3 minutes to make a bracelet out of ribbon and hot glue something on it so if you're looking for a very last minute costume addition you might give this a try.  :)
Forgive me for my pictures. You all know by now that I'm no photographer. How cool is that view of my front yard though? Across the street is a beautiful old red barn and the trees are starting to look so beautiful. I'm so lucky!! I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!!!


Amanda @geekdetails said...

Awe and what a cute little witch she is too!

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Wingnut said...

That really came out great!