Cupcake Chocolates: How to included

My daughter's birthday party is tomorrow! She is 8!! Her real birthday was yesterday but we know better than to have a party during the week now. :)
I just made these "cupcakes" from chocolate candy melts. They were super easy and anything to add to the cupcake party theme is a good thing right? I didn't plan on these but I was in the kitchen and remembered that I had these candy melts so why not try to use them.             
In case anyone wonders how to make these it's really easy. I used a chocolate mini-cup mold, chocolate candy melts, disposable icing bags and an icing tip. All from Micheals. Heat the brown and pour it into the cup mold. Sitck it in the freezer. When they are hard release them fromt he mold. Heat the pink candy melts, pour into the bag with the icing tip and "ice" the top of the cups. Stick the whole things in the freezer until they are hard. The pink part "iced" better when it was cooled a little. If it's really really hot it will melt down into a lump. That's it.
I put ours in little favor bags and tied them with pink and brown cupcake ribbon.
Happy birthday Aurora!!


Country Mouse said...

These look yummy! I'm sure they were a hit!!! What a great Mommy you are!! Happy belated bday Aurora!

clare's craftroom said...

Hope you have a great party , the cakes look great !

Sara said...

They are adorable!

Gina said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I love all the cupcakes things I have seen that you have made for her party. I know at the age, she probably is just loving all the themed items. I love this idea too, I may have to borrow that one soon!

wholarmor said...

Those are really cute! Hope your daughter had a great birthday!

irisgabriel said...

wanted to let you know that Kohl's had 3 black xmas trees on sale 60% off (thought of you) about 4 ft tall reaaly cute in sherwood.