A surprise for my honey...

Valentines morning my honey will have this on the back of the laptop. :) It's just a little surprise to say that I was thinking about you!

It's white vinyl (or shelf liner) that I cut using my Cricut and stuck to the back of the laptop. It's easy to get on and off. Done gently, it doesn't damange the surface at all and comes off clean so this type of thing is great for special occasions.

My sweetheart doens't like pink. Big shock huh? All we see is pink and red Valentines and that really isn't practical unless we are making them for the kids to take to school. Even then do the boys really like getting all that pink? I'm sure kids don't care as long as they get candy. lol! Here's my little gift box to my not-so-hot-on-pink Valentine.

Here is a video tutorial on this box for those of you who have seen the patterns but are having a hard time getting it down. I tried to make it way too complicated when I started making them. I'll post it when it gets up.

What do you want to Valentines day?


Anonymous said...

Cricut...I have tried to have one of these machines demoed at my local craft store but ....no go. I am a on hands kind of learner. I have seen some wonderful things on blogs. Yours is very nice!

Sara said...

I love that idea! But it would have to be for mine, my honey does not even touch the computer!