100th Post! Altered Stuff

Hey bloggers! This is my 100th post. YAY! 
Okay lets play with altering stuff on the major cheap. These two things combined were $1.88. The calendar is from the $1 tree and the acrylic frame is from Wal-Mart. So lets see what I made with them...
I have a pack of post it notes and some scrap paper, ink pens and ribbon. So this is super easy when you save your scraps. Lets get to it.
Lay the frame down with the tallest part at the top. From this angleit looks like it standing up but it should be laying down. Cut the paper down to slide into the frame. Using your favorite glue, stick the post its to the frame. Now decorate with ribbon and so on. I stamped the top one so when it's given it looks nicer.
For the calendar you just need to fold it back and remove the protective clear sleeve, glue paper and decorate. When you're done make sure nothing is over hanging the cover and slide the cover back on. These make great little gifts and they are obviously very cheap and easy. Happy crafting!!

What's been your favorite post?


Sara said...

Too cute-great job!

The Mama Monkey said...

My favorite post was the one where you showed how to make those scratch off games for kids. It was AMAZING!!!