Etched Glass Halloween Plates

 Glass doesn't photograph well but you get the idea.
We need plates for our Halloween party that our family holds every year. These are about $1.50 each and you can't beat that!

I did this tutorial in '09 and just had to pull it back out for this project. This time I used $1 glass plates from Wal-Mart.
Using Sure Cuts A Lot 2, I cut this (my free svg blog) out of cheap contact paper. I used Armour Etch to fill in the stencil and waited 3 minutes.

The instructions say 1 minute but I like to make sure it's really "dark" of an etch so I leave it on for a few extra minutes. The etch is hard to photograph with my phone and *sadly* I don't have a nice camera right now. Stupid river trip and the box that was NOT water tight!! (super sad face).  I know what Santa is bringing me for Christmas though so I'm just trying to hold out. lol

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