Fall Door Decor for $1

Hey crafters! We picked pinecones for fun a few weeks ago and still have this basket full just waiting for Fall projects. Here's a simple one that makes a cute door hanging. I think the first time I saw one like this was in BH&G. Here's on "on the cheap" version. :D

Hot glue ribbon (I got mine from the $1 bin at Micheals) to the top of pinecones (free). Make sure to leave the ribbons a little longer than you want it to hang on your door, to allow for a knot. You can always cut more off but you really can't add to it.
Wait for it to dry. Completely. This is the hard part. lol
Arrange how you like and knot them together. Hang on your door from a nail or a wreath hanger. It's a simple project that is fun to do. You can use the scented cones for hte craft store if you are hanging it indoors at decor.
If you like a more "girly" look hot glue bows to the top of each pinecone. You could add a bow over the knot as well. I like things a little more plain so I didn't do those things. I am thinking of adding a light dusting of glitter though. I do like sparkle!   :) 
Happy crafting!


Pam said...

I have a ton of pinecones for the taking down the street from me. This looks like a fun, easy project. Thanks for sharing!

togetherforgood said...

This totally wants me to make one.

Naturally Me Creations said...

Beautiful! I love natural recycled (or re-purposed) crafts! :)

Please post some of your recycled craft goodies on my first linky party this weekend? You can find it here: http://naturallymecreations.blogspot.com/search/label/Naturally%20Me%20Creations%20linky%20parties

And it runs all the way through to Sunday (South African time though).

Post as many as you like! It'll be much appreciated, many thanx!! :)