Cupcake Liner Party Decor

 Everyone's seen these cute little tutorials on cupcake liner party decor and I just had to try it!
The ones I've seen keep saying to put hot glue on the liner then press it into the styrofoam ball... that's all fine and dandy but I just cant do it without burning myself! Ugh! So, here's my how-to non finger burning style (for those of you who are clumsy like me). lol

Start with a styrofoam ball, pins, a hot glue gun and cupcake liners. I'm using liners from Micheals. I just love the polka dot liners!!

I put one pin in one liner (some people put a pin through 2 or 3 liners together for a fuller look). put a dab of hot glue on the head of the pin and set it aside to dry. Once it's cooled off simply smoosh (that's a highly technical term), roll or curls them up the way you like and press them into the ball.

I'm going to put these on the back of the treat buffet at a party coming up.

Happy Crafting!

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Helena said...

I like the polka dots too! Nice choice.