Monster High Doll Re-paint

I'm sure if you have a daughter you know all about these dolls. I personally can't stand the clothing they come in.. look like dead... well.. nevermind. We make a lot of doll clothes and we toss the stuff that just isn't right looking. ;)

All over Pinterest we have been seeing *amazing* repaints of Monster High dolls. So, naturally my daughter wanted to give it a shot.

To get the pre-printed face off you simply scrub it off with a washcloth and nail polish remover.

We then used markers, a gel pen and acrylic paint to make new faces. We had so much fun with that!! I sealed them with a blast of clear acrylic spray. They aren't the amazing art repaints we see online but it was so fun for my daughter to make her own faces!

This is Day of the Dead Ghoulia and Sleeping Frankie, by my daughter Aurora and I. :)

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gale said...

Wow, they came out really nice!! My daughter bought the stuff to do a repaint of a MH doll but never did get around to doing it.