Home Binder System for us simple folk. Part 1

Hey there! I'm Elizabeth and this is my craft blog. Today I'm changing it up and sharing a but of my life with ya.

You know those big command center Home Binders that all the super organized mom's have? Well, it just was a little too much for my life and I needed it to be easier to fit my family. If you've got a lot on your plate then this one isn't for you. Check this out instead.

Alright ya'll. The next few posts I will be sharing my home binder ideas for us simple folk. We use Andriod apps that our family can share calendars, schedules and even music, all free and I'll link to those as we get there. I will be uploading printable word docs that can be edited with lists and more. I hope you all enjoy!

We have our organizing set up in daily, weekly and monthly chore lists. Everyone pitches in... well that might not be completely honest. I do the majority of the chores and I'm okay with that because right now I get to be a mostly stay at home mom.

This is my daily list with my advice. You can download the sheet I use here. You can edit it to your own needs.

I keep mine in the front pocket of my $0.25 binder. I leave it on the counter all day until my Mrs. is on her way home.

When she's off work so am I because that's fair. We do the dishes after dinner, most of the time but that's it.

Step 1: Clean your house. You gotta start with a little extra work in the beginning but I believe in you. You can do it.

Now, Step 2 is the last step. It's just maintaining. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit. So stick with it until it's second nature. It's such a positive feeling to come home to a clean house.
  1. Make Beds
      (If you're into it. Some people don't feel the need to make their bed everyday and that's okay. Life goes on. )
  2. Wipe Counters after each meal
    (The stuff is just so much easier to get off when it's fresh. You leave it, it sticks.)
  3. Sweep
    (You don't have to be at it all day but give it a good once over.)
  4. Wipe down the bathroom
    (Again, don't spend an hour in there, just give it a good wipe down. I'm into a bleach/water in a spary bottle thing but whatever you do, do it.)
  5. Pick up around the house
    (When you walk though a room just take 2 or 3 minutes picking it up. You would be shocked how clean you house gets doing this. It becomes such a habit that the house never really gets messy.)
  6. Laundry
    (Some of you many not do it every day. If you don't then make a specific day for it and do it all that day. Don't let that pile up.)
  7. Dishes
    (You gotta do it. Heck, I don't even have a dishwasher. We do them by hand so if we can do it, you can do it.)

I this have setup with extra chores each day. I pay the kiddo to do any of these extra chores around the house. I never pay her to clean her room or put away her laundry. That's her stuff and she keeps it up, she's 12.

I'm not saying my house is a perfect shining example of clean. I laugh at the very idea because my family calls what I want: "Hospital Clean" and oh how I fantasize about having it. *chuckle* This is just me sharing with you how to have what my people call "Company Ready" almost all the time. Just don't go in my craft room!

Have an awesome rest of the day and go throw away something. :)

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