3 days, all fruits and veggies

I know that's not a big deal for some people out there but for this pizza loving, soda drinking, chip bag finishing family it was!

We have all seen those "cleanse" diets and that's not what we did. We read a lot of them and it didn't seem fitting with our goal. We don't want to take any pills or spices. We just wanted to simplify and gain a new appreciation for vegetables and fr

The plan:
Morning juice, snack, lunch juice, snack and dinner juice.
Snacks: Apples, carrots, bananas, celery, grapes
Juices: Mean Green, Carrot Apple Celery, Morning Glory, Carrot Apple Lemon and Green lemonade.

This is more veggies than I have eaten in my whole life...
Here's how we did:
Day 1: Sucks. Seriously. It sucks.

Day 2: Getting more used to it. The ones with apple are my favorite and the ones with kale are my least favorite. The hardest parts of the day are cooking for my daughter. Smelling the food, even though I'm not hungry is a huge temptation.

Day 3: I feel great! My body feels better. My gallbladder doesn't hurt for the first time in a while. This really is the way I think we were meant to eat.

We need vegetables and I am going to make morning juicing a priority.

My 12 yr old daughter had a glass of each of the juices with us while maintaining a regular diet as well. She didn't like a few but some she really loved. We are all in on adding this to our new regular diet. I am so proud of my family for going on this journey with me!

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