Easy Snack You Can Share With Your Pooch

Hey there y'all! So, on this health kick I've been cutting out things like entire bags of chips and cookies. I needed something with a little crunch and a little sweetness that isn't just bad for me. Tough one, huh?

Not at all actually. This is a 3 ingredient snack that you can add to or leave simple and it's okay to share with with your pup as well.

Pretty simple list ingredients:
Peanut butter (or almond butter)

Basically you put some oats in a bowl and add peanut butter and honey until it's about right to roll in a ball. Measuring is not needed.

Get the kids involved. My lil crafter Aurora loves rolling the balls. Of course, y'all know me, I'm all about getting the kiddo involved in cooking, snack making and juicing.

This is my little lap dog, Thor. ;)
You can add anything you like to these too!

If you start adding things like nuts, chocolate chips and things like that please hit Google and make sure that's safe for your pup before you give them any!!

My dog, Thor deeply loves these simple human and animal treats. Here he is on Petit Jean mountain last month. He absolutely loved hiking to Cedar falls. The pet friendly cabin was awesome! Big props to Petit Jean State Park.

Thanks for stopping by!

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