Flip In Hair Extensions - DIY results on short hair

Our daughter loved her short haircut when she first got it but now, like most of us, she is annoyed with the growing out stage. She wanted to try something new and fun.

I've been missing my clip in extensions and wigs lately too.

Couture Hair is such a fun accessory!

Speaking of fun, have you guys seen this?!
Halo Couture Hair Extenstions

We loved this idea. The first photo of Aurora there with her mouth open is her watching these videos! She thinks it's the coolest.

Naturally, we set out to Do It Yourself. There are loads of Youtube DIY instruction videos. We watched several and made some adjustments to make it comfy for short haired my teen.

Here's the photo breakdown:

Top -
1. Just get ya some hair.

2. Sew or glue it together. I sewed it because I didn't want to buy glue when sewing it seemed stronger anyway.

3. Sew in your bead elastic, fishing line or whatever you are using for the clear part. We used beading/bracelet elastic because we already had it. Also, the give is comfortable.

4.-5. Then you see my hair length and me with the "flip-in" styled. I need to learn more about styling hair.. back to youtube later!

Right -
1. Kiddo loving how fast, easy and fun "flip in hair extentions" look.

2. We both have hair that is shorter than the recommended length for this kind of extention. That said, I think it looks pretty cool! She wouldn't let me style it or trim it so that it looked more blended yet. She is way too busy playing with it!!

It took me about 40 mins to make both of them. That includes me fussing with the sewing machine and adjusting to fit! Not too shabby.
Since we already had the string and I sewed instead of buying glue, the total cost of this was just the hair we chose. Not bad!!

So, go play with some hair! I gotta learn how to use a curling iron properly now.  ;)

Happy crafting!


Delia Jensen said...

It’s really nice to see that you and your daughter are enjoying a thing together. It shows that you guys have such a good relationship. It can actually be really fun, experimenting on styles for your hair. Nowadays, there are a lot of hairstyles that are really cool and adorable, and the best part is, they are not that hard to achieve. Anyway, those extensions look lovely on both of you. Thanks for sharing that! Stay beautiful!

Delia Jensen @ BestVirginRemyHair

Tommy Clark said...

Wow, the hair extensions look great on you both. They look quite realistic, they seem very sturdy as well. Though it might take some time to apply, the results are definitely worth it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this lovely tutorial with us. All the best!

Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company Inc.

Renee May said...
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Renee May said...

What a lovely mother and daughter who are enjoying precious moments together through beautifying themselves with the help of hair extensions. Hahaha! You both look younger and adorable! Who would have thought that having a more stylish hair would be as easy as that? Thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous you two!

Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

Lisa ♥ said...

Keep crafting...2015 is almost over!