Reusing Old Bed Pillows

Maybe it's the fire or maybe I've always been this way but I hate to toss things that can serve a second life. It was pillow replacement time!!
Faced with 4 pillows to trash, I decided to get a little creative and get a little more sewing practice for myself and my teenage daughter. This was such an easy thing for us to do together!

If you're into reusing, here's how to reuse your pillows:

1. This is an old pillow. Wash it, dry it and let's get going!
2. Fold the pillow in the direction you like. Using 8lb fishing line, sew it together. I did length but you can roll and sew it any way you like. 

Why fishing line you ask? The thread kept breaking. Why 8lb? Simply because I had it and it fit through a sewing needle. The thin monofilament doesn't have the hard feel of the heavy weight stuff, so it worked perfectly for this.

3. This is the rolled up pillow all sewn and ready to be covered. 

We used this bolster pillow cover tutorial except we didn't use a zipper. Instead we made a hemmed overlap so it was an envelope style pillow cover. Zippers are on our To Learn List...and we will get to them eventually. Don't look too close, my print isn't straight. It is what it is, a first attempt at sewing a bolster cover, ;) We had fun making this! We are planning to make one more and use the other two pillows to make throw pillows.
Happy crafting!!

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