Photo of Little Rock

This isn't my typical post but I wanted to share a little about Little Rock. This is a picture I snapped from the NLR side of the Arkansas River. I'm no photographer, I just thought this was an interesting snapshot.

Little Rock isn't a huge city by any standards. I've lived all over the country and even out of the states. I choose to live here because the people are, in general, calm and polite. People often think we have no culture or that we have outhouses. (Laughing as I'm posting this). I assure you, we do have indoor plumbing! :) We even have some of them thar new-fangled bridgey thingys as you can see here.

We have museums, art shows, wonderful restaurants and very nice people. :) Just wanted to share a little about the area I live in. :)


~nichole~ said...

Arky pride!!!!!

Lisa said...

I live about an hour and a half...maybe lil more South of Little Rock. I'm originally from Pine Bluff but now live in a little community called Herbine outside of Rison.