Diaper Crafts: Cake & Wreath

Here are some simple and fun diaper crafts. They are supposed to be simple and clean, if you're wondering why they aren't covered in the "froo-foo" that diaper cakes are usually covered in.
There are lots of gifts inside this cake but none in the wreath. You can fit just about any baby gift into a "cake".
The cake is simply rolled up diapers, wrapped with a rubber band, and grouped together. then you add gifts and take out diapers as needed. smoosh (yes, that is a technical term) the diapers around to get a good round shape.
The wreath is even easier! You just get a wreath form from the craft store. This one was green. It doesn't matter because you won't see it when you're done.      
Someday Crafts?Open the diapers, fold them over the wreath form and rubber band them. Cover your rubber bands with ribbon and you're done. I used fishing line to secure the prayer doll and to make a loop to hang it from.
Hope you like it. Click the pic for the larger views.


Jen M said...

I love the simplicity of these.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you!

~nichole~ said...

It's kinda funny to think that these will soon have poo all over them....

michellejohnnie said...

great idea. i love the wreath. featured this on somedaycrafts.blogspot.com