My Mother's Birthday

This is fondant roses. There has been some pause given by several cake makers about useing homeade MMF for roses and other cake applications. Well I'm here to tell ya! MMF roses are great! The trick to getting it right is to make sure your MMF is not sticky. If you find that it is sticky work in some additional powdered sugar. There is an MMF recipe that uses corn syrup. I find that this one is more sticky and harder to work with for flowers.

When making roses with the 5 petal cutter I often let the layers dry between layers. This makes is much easier to get each layer right and more realistic. Just my opinion anyway. :)
As always click to see the larger picture. Hope you like it.

Happy birthday Mommy!!


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, Elizabeth! You are a multi-talented lady! You're cakes make me want to learn cake decorating (as if I need another crafty endeavor). They are so gorgeous! I'm totally loving your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

Patches said...

such beautiful roses!!!! nice stripe work. you're so talented!!!

~nichole~ said...

love the color. You're very crafty

asimpson said...

Great cake, your Roses are perfect and I love the colours you used :-)