Mom's Day Cupcakes

Here are my Mother's day cupackes. They are boxed and the bow was tied with pretty ribbon and a card on top.

They are all almond-vanilla iced white cupcakes. The rosette is tip 2D, so are the drop pink flowers. The other 2 are 104 (rose tip). The rosette is so super fun to do. Start in the middle and go around the circle without letting up pressure. They look so sweet in striped bags too. I should have done some that way.

Well there ya have it. Easy peasy mommy cupcakes. My mom loved them!


Carla said...

YAY! THe blog is back.

These are so beautiful.

P.S. I'm still not stalking you. Just because I'm here doesn't mean I'm a stalker. :)

Carla (BF)

E. said...

I wouldn't mind if you stalked my blog! LOL

I never knew anyone even looked at it until I took it down and people started e-mailing me "where'd it go!?" LOL!! I can't imagine people really wanna see my junk.

Metropolitan Housewife said...

I simply can't allow myself to believe that those are easy-peasy cupcakes... LOL! They're so cute and look scrumptious. I have this "thing" for cupcakes. They deserve their own spot on the food pyramid, don't you think?

Colleen said...

Looking around your blog and came across these beautiful cupcakes!! They are fabulous!! I love them!!!