Getting organized - Cards

Hey! Hope you all had a great holiday and new year celebration!

I have been looking for things that were small enough to store/organize my handmade cards in but was cute and cheap. The perfect solution? Make it out of a box. I shame to admit it but the Hambuger Helper box is the perfect size.

 I drew a line from the top corner to the point I wanted as the bottom of the slant. Using a ruler, I made a straight line and cut the box. I used the first side I cut to be a template for the other side. Then I just covered it with that awesome paper I had from Archivers and wrapped my favorite Stampin' Up ribbon around it.

I'm going to make a few more of these as I have boxes. I want one for holidays, one for birthday cards and another for misc cards I make (love notes, thank you ect).

Hope you like it!


Sara said...

Well aren't you clever!!! Very cute!

Jaspere said...

This is awesome. I may have a box like that around here somewhere too.

kenziekylanmom said...

My 9 yr old daughter started Punky Monkey Missions last spring and she has been making and selling cards to help fund her mission and we didn't have a good way to organize them and this is so perfect! Thanks for sharing your idea!!!