Desk Door Re-Vamp

Hey there! My daughter's room makeover is going along nicely. She requested a cork board for her room. We went looking and she saw one that was painted (damask) and she liked it but said it was too small for her. So we set out to make one.

This is a desk door from a desk that we broke while moving furniture 2 months ago. I saved the doors because they are wood, I liked the look and I hoped to come up with a project for them. I store a few random parts in my shed for just such an occasion.
We mounted it to the wall with butterfly anchors. I reccomend using anchors just to be on the safe side if you're mounting anything heavy in a child's room.

Using a hot glue gun I glued cork tiles (craft store, office supply store ect). If you have to cut the tiles I reccomend a box cutter.
My daughter really liked the painted small board at the store so we decided to paint hers. She asked for a Paris scene with an Eiffel Tower. I made this svg and cut shelf liner (you could use vinyl but shelf liner is cheaper for projects like this) with my Cricut.
I applied the cut shelf liner to the cork board then painted it in with acrylic black paint. When it was dry I peeled off the shelf liner. The corck absorbs the paint a little so don't expect perfect lines. It's part of the character. If you have the option to use spray paint that absorbs less.
I hope you like this project. There are going to be several Paris/damask style projects coming up. That's what my daughter has picked as her room makeover theme.
That silver tower on the desk needs to be painted. There's no picture in that frame yet. LOL! It's a project in the making. All pics taken with my cell phone camera (mine was recently destroyed on a river trip). So please forgive the bad pics. :)

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Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

This is a cool idea!

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Lori said...

Wow what a cool idea! I think I need this for my apartment.

Starla said...

Great idea. I love the painted Paris skyline!!

Karisa said...

That is such a cool idea for a cork board! Thanks for linking this to the FaveCrafts Blog Hop. I can't wait to see what you post next month :)

Disneypal said...

How extremely clever !! I love it and especially love the Parisian skyline - what a terrific idea and great way to recycle furniture.

Lisa said...

Love this!