Woodland Fairy Birthday

Birthdays in our family are small, family & close friends events. Every year my daughter picks her theme and we make a party. This year the theme was Woodland Fairy.
In NLR there is a great place called The Old Mill. It was in Gone With the Wind, well it was a flash in the credits but it still counts! It's the perfect backdrop for my little girl's woodland fairy birthday.
Let me tell you about the table.
The front is a branch with holes drilled to fit skewers. We dipped large marshmellows in chocolate and added sprinkes.

We have pink rice crispie balls and sandwiches on the sides of the cake. There is more food on the right of this picture but it's not as cute and the goodies! I made the cake.

All the girls got fairy wings and goodies. They danced around the garden, having a ball and keeping us all very entertained... Happy birthday to my amazing daughter!!

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Anonymous said...

love this cake! would you mind sharing instructions on how to make it topsy turvy? i know how to make a straight one. thanks! ohdacute25@gmail.com