$2 Candy Jars

Check out my candy chalice! The $1 Tree has a whole lot of little glass candleholders and things. These are perfect for the Mad Hatter Tea that we are doing.
You will need:
Glass taper holder
Glass candle/candy jar
Something heavy
It's pretty simple. Take off all of the tags and wash the dishes. Once everything is clean and dry just start stacking. When you find a look that you like use a bead of E600 to glue it together. Put something heavy, like a good book, on it while it drys.  
These are going to look great on the candy and cake table with all the other jars and dishes. I love doing tables that have a lot of different heights and interest. Happy crafting!


Lizz said...

Very cute! I love the different heights and looks too!

Sarah C. said...

Wonderful idea! I love the dollar store! Just stocked up there last week for frames & a vase for a party. tfs! :)