Home Binder for us simple folk. Part 4

Now I wanna show you how we do the Honey Do List and our other lists that are between me and the wife. On her way home for work if she is going to stop she can easily see the list of things we need, list of stuff for an upcoming event or whatever she needs.

I'm big on free apps but you are welcome to buy the full or upgraded versions if you feel that you want the added features.

We starred out with Wunderlist, which is a great app and you can share the lists between the two of you. We just had some issues with the lists not updating for several hours or even days so we switched to an adorable little app called Couple.

This app is pretty cute and encourages a little extra sweetness though the day between you and your honey. We love it. It's nerdy but that's us. Anyway, you can share up to the minute lists using this app as well as the cute lovey stuff.

Once you are both logged in and setup you can both create lists, add tasks, check them off, remove them from the list and so on. You can have wish lists, holiday shopping lists hidden from the kids.. you get the idea.

Again, why put it in my binder at home? I need this info on the go too.

Check out the other posts with downloads and info about the simple home binder I use.

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