Rainbow Dash Birthday Party - Part 2

Earlier I shared my daughter's Rainbow Dash 3D cake. So, today I want to share the pins, ideas and stuff from her food table. She turned 12 and she picked everything. She was excited to get to do so much and come up with ideas.

She asked for a tiny party with just a few people. There was a lot of candy and food left over but who cares!? It was so fun and easy. Small parties are where it's at.

The Rainbow Dash Dessert Table:
Chocolate dipped oreos, rolled in rainbow sprinkles.
Pixie Stix, Rainbow Twizzlers, Smarties, rainbow gummy worms, cookies, Trix Crispiesgumballs and swirl pops.

My daughter also wanted to add some pony treats, so she chose apple sauce and apple donuts.

Do you think that was enough sweets for a small party? Hahaha!

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