Trunk Or Treat - My Little Pony

It's no secret that our daughter loves My Little Pony and that we all adore Halloween. We have a tradition that we all dress up in theme with the kiddo picking. Hey, they are only little for a little while, why not?  This year is My Little Pony. We made our costumes. LaRisa is Apple Jack, I am Pinkie Pie and of course our daughter is Rainbow Dash.

The Nightmare Night episode was our inspiration for our trunk for Trunk or Treat. The wife brought home some boxes from work. The kiddo Aurora and I painted and taped some pieces together for a background. I think she did a great job! It's nothing oober fancy but we had a blast making the stuff and hanging out.

Grand total for the entire thing was $1, for paper bags to make the trees. I wanted to make tons for them to put all over the bottom but the family decided that 5 trees was good enough to represent the Everfree Forest. lol everything else we had laying around either in the craft space or in the kiddo's room.

The Nightmare Night decorations, including the Mare in the Moon were all found and printed off Google images. The toys, of course, we had. Some left over fabrics from the sewing bin covered our Rendevous' tan interior. We put some battery operated lights around under the sheer fabrics so it will glow when it gets dark. :D 

We hope you all have an awesome Nightmare Night! Happy Halloween! 

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