Mini Apple Pies as gifts for Thanksgiving

It never fails to make me so proud when my daughter cooks!

Wait, let me back up since that sounded a little less like my feminist self. I don't cook. I have never enjoyed it and it holds nothing for me. You're thinking: "LIZ! Your CAKES!" yes yes, I cake but you should know that I don't bake it. I leave that for my better half. Ladies, you would not want to eat something I cooked.

My wife is an amazing cook and she has been teaching the kiddo for years. I deeply believe that all children, boys and girls, need to learn their way around a kitchen. Why? We all eat, of course! Cooking healthy, fresh food is a life skill and I think every kid needs to learn, at least the basics.

My 12 yr old daughter and mini crafter, Aurora did these as little Thank You gifts for Thanksgiving. She got the idea from her favorite website, Pinterest. Here's the recipe she used: Mini Apple Pies (using a cupcake pan). She's so proud that she did this by herself! They are in food safe containers and placed in these adorable stamped lunch bags that she did. The stamps and ribbon are Stampin' Up!

We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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