5 fun things I enjoy about having an only child

Like everyone else in the world, from time to time I get annoyed with all the unsolicited “advice” and opinion that people bestow upon me. I have an only child. The horror!! Gasp!! By CHOICE?! Yep.

It’s not for any real reason, so to speak, except that is what I was blessed with. One would think that would be a good enough answer to the big family pushers out there. Now, don’t get me wrong here I think you should have as many kids as you want to raise! I’m all for you doing what is right for you and me doing what it right for me. I’m absolutely positive there are some great things about having lots of kids that I won’t experience. However, I’m having a blast here with my only child and I wanted to share this positive mini-list for those of us who might be just a tad tired of hearing how you simply need to have more children.

5    fun things I enjoy about having an only:

1.      Quiet time is easy to come by and keep peaceful. We can all grab a book and chill out on the couch reading. Maybe this is because I’m extra lucky to have a peaceful child but maybe it’s because there aren’t any other kids to run after. Either way, we are loving it.

2.  Short order cooking. We can all have what we want for the most part just about any time. While dinner is planned, we really don’t have a plan for breakfast and lunch. It’s easy to make a ‘special order’ meal when I only have to do it for one person.

3.  Every day is special “mommy and me” time. There is no competition for my time or attention so anytime she wants it, it’s hers. At any free moment we could be painting each other’s nails, playing a game together or just hanging out. There are the typical distractions like chores and school work of course but the rest of the time is fair game fun time!

4.  Equality is easy. Since there are only 3 of us total, we find that splitting things equally is easy and taking turns really doesn’t take long at all. We can play split screen on most video games too! 

5.  Have a favorite. This is my favorite part!! In my phone and even on some of my photo albums I nicknamed my daughter “Favorite Child.” It’s pretty cool to have a favorite. She gets to be my favorite person in the whole wide world. 

So, next time you think you should tell a mom how sad it is to only have one child, think again!
They might be loving it. What matters is that we all love our children, do our best and try not to mess them up. When it’s all said and done, none of us have all the answers and one size never fits all. Love and be loved ya’ll!

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