The making of Nightpain

Our kiddo is the oldest of all her cousins so you can imagine my surprise when she wanted to do the flour sack baby assignment. Of course, I should have known it would be a fun adventure!

May I present Nightpain
Yes, that is her flour sack baby's name. It's a goth vampire baby... nothing out the ordinary there! 

To make your very own Flour Sack Baby you will need:
5lb bag of flour (or rice, ect)
2 pairs of knee high pantyhose
Markers (to draw face stuff)
Fabric glue and a scrap of fabric (optional. You could go bald and draw the eyes right on the pantyhose)
Yarn for hair (optional)

This video on how to put it together is very helpful and fun to watch:

As a part of this lesson there will be research on the cost of raising a baby. There will be reports written about childhood injury for things like dropping Nightpain or leaving her in the car. She will be required to get a babysitter if she does not want to take Nightpain somewhere. I do not plan on babysitting! Ha! ;) 

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