More Nightpain and all she has learned

It's been a week and Nightpain has been a fun learning tool.

After just a day my teenager was tired of lugging around a 5lb sack of flour, even this cute one!

Being the oldest cousin, dressing and even the idea of changing a diaper was nothing new or difficult for my kiddo. For her, the lesson was really  having to keep up with this heavy doll 24/7. In and out of the car, up and down the stairs and while carrying other items in her hands was enough for this teenager!

Everywhere Nightpain went she was complimented. Aurora did such a good job on her little doll. The local Game Stop clerk joked that she better not set Nightpain down or someone might try to buy her! Hahaha

It was a great lesson and a good time was had by all. If you must carry a 5lb sack of flour for an educational project, give it a fun personality.! ;)

Happy crafting!

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