Flour Sack Baby Adventure Continues...

Our little Nightpain is settling in nicely.
Already she has been to the park and the court house on a field trip.

She sleeps in this basket. She gets to snuggle up with Black Butler's Sebastian and a chocobo.

The kiddo did debate making Nightpain her own mini coffin bed out of cardboard. After much thought, she decided that it would be too dark and scary, even for a baby vampire.

Let's talk about Nightpain's hair. We didn't go all out and make it perfect but we did follow this tutorial loosely. http://easypeasycraft.blogspot.com/2011/09/yarn-wig-tutorial.html

I helped a little with this part of the project. It required an extra set of hands.

Making a yarn wig was new for us but this may have started something! Hello Halloween projects!!

See you next time.
Happy crafting!

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