Baby Name Block Cake & Shoes

This is the babyshower block cake for my 1st Nephew!! I am so excited to be an Aunt!!!!!!!

It is rolled fondant covered and the accents are also made from rolled fondant. It was a big hit. We also made cupcakes and the fruit basket above. When making buttercream I really recommend not using a stick of crisco. It really does the flavor great justice to just use butter instead. Trust me on this one. I'd had lots of bc made from all kinds of recipes and the real butter ones are always better.

They aren't prefectly square, but you get the idea. This was my first real try at cutting the cakes down and stacking them.

The blocks were cut diagonally, making 2 pieces per block. The shoes, bears and train were all made 3 days in advance to make sure the icing would set up properly. These parts were not eaten. They are meant for decoration. The pictures are on the counter before setup at the hostess' house.

This is a better view of the shoes. They took the longest and gave the theme a real boost. These are so fun. If you're planning on trying them I have a tip. Crisco may be bad in icing but it's worth its weight in gold when rubbed on your tools. Fondant is easier to work with if you just put a little crisco on your cutter and rolling pin.

Click for larger pictures. I hope that if you have an event coming up you'll give these a try. They are super fun. I made mine to look like soft-walkers but you can make them look like any kind of shoe.


Patches said...

SO sweet!!!! Super cute! that looks so complicated..... WOW!!!!!!!!! I'm in Awe.

~nichole~ said...

so cute!! Why didn't you tie the laces? haha

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are amazing!