Strawberry Boxes

This is a cute little pattern for a small box that looks a little like a strawberry. ;) These are great for a few small treats or favors. You can use ribbon, twine, string or just about anything else to tie these. I did them with white string and a knot. You can tie a bow with a tag or anything you like on the top.

I was just plaing around with scraps so these aren't my final papers for the finished project. Just testing.

Please click the pattern image to get the full sized image. The image is scanned in full size so simply right click on the big picture to save it. Print to fit the page and there you go.

Score on the dotted lines, cut on the solids. Fold the tab in and glue it. I popped the holes with a sewing pin. If you're going to use ribbon you should use the eyelet hole punch to make a larger hole.

I reccomend criss-crossing the string as you're threading it through the holes. If you start at one end and work around in the circle it will be harder to close. Working in a star pattern is the easiest in my opinion.
If you do 2 green things on the top curl one up and one down. It's really cute this way. Simple, cute little strawberry boxes. Click for larger. :)
So here's the pattern:


FlipFlop Mom said...

These are adorable too!!! I have always loved strawberry things!!!! Thanks for sharing.. I'm going to make these soon!!!

Myrthe (Juliet) said...

oooh these are pretty!!!! I love them!!!

Liberty said...

Wow, so very cute!

You have a GREAT blog!

Maizie @ 2Peas

Brandy said...

OMGosh - these are freaking adorable!! :) You are SOOOO creative!

kb.knits said...

Ok, these are sooo cute ! I need to make these!

Chris said...

These are great! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.