Easy little tree

Hey there! We are putting little things around the house to get us into the holiday season.
Thinner strips = more tree like. I liked somewhere in between. You can use glitter or stamps to make it even more festive. These are also cute in patterned paper. Let the kids draw or stamp away! Wouldn't it be fun for them to decorate it and then put it in their room?  :)

Just cut some strips of paper, you decide on your size. Curl them by rubbing them against the side of your table. Using stick pins, attach the paper to a styrofoam cone. Those cones come in all sizes so you could make a fun display out of these.

Happy Crafting!


Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

super cute!

Lisa ♥ said...

How hard is this? I mean how long does it take?

Covered In Crafts said...

Its not hard at all. My daughter helps me make them. It can be time consuming depending on how big you want it. Its a good tv in the background craft. ;)