$4 Tree Stand DIY

This year my daughter decided that she wanted to cut down her own Christmas tree! No fake trees for us this year. So, we took her to a wonderful place in Lonoke, AR called Schilling's Family Christmas Tree Farm.

She had a selection of types of trees but settled on this one. It's a little short for the space but we all loved how full and pretty it is. She wanted something that was about her height. This is the one you guys! The Johnson family Christmas tree for 2013!

We donated our fake tree to a local charity store, The Safe Haven Thrift Store. We haven't had a real tree in so long that we didn't even have a stand. Of course our solution had to be a crafty one! Duh!

We got a pickle bucket (FREE! My favorite!) from a friend who works for a fast food place. They toss the plastic buckets out when they are empty. What a waste for something that can totally be crafted!

We used Jute/Twine from Lowe's that is $2 a roll. I used about a roll and a third of the jute to go around the bucket, gluing every now and then with my hot glue gun. I already had the glue and glue gun so the $4 in jute is all I am out of pocket for this craft!

Then we placed the tree in the bucket and filled around it with rocks. We had a bunch left over from a garden project. They hold the tree nice and firmly in place but still allows the tree lots of water.

Not too shabby for stuff we had laying around and a bucket that usually just takes up space at the landfill!

Here's the tree in it's new home. I really want to change out the baseboards for white ones.. but for now let's just pretend it looks alright okay? ;)

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!


T to the Essa said...

lol that's cool!

Rebecca Fraser said...

This is just the idea I needed! I LOVE this. May I ask how long in advance you put your tree up? Id love to have a real one, but am told I can only have it up for about 2 weeks or so.